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Real Estate Owners Are Underutilizing This Asset

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

One often underutilized asset in your portfolio is commercial real estate. Owners are often amazed at how much value is sitting- underutilized- in their real estate.

This asset is why many business brokers also have a real estate license. The license lets them represent the owner or buyer of a business on both the business and real estate side of things.

But even with this license, there is only so much a business broker can do. Their specialty is in buying and selling businesses, not commercial real estate.

You need to work with an expert commercial real estate broker to understand the true potential value of your asset. Look for a team that brings you the highest level of expertise and proven results in both business brokerage and commercial real estate.

Buyers and Sellers working with Agency Professionals Business Brokerage know we partner with Goodman Commercial Real Estate. Goodman has bought and sold over 11.4 million square feet since 1998. The Agency Professionals and Goodman partnership brings buyers and sellers maximum value for your essential assets.

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